3D Polygon Shatter Photoshop Action

3D Polygon Shatter Photoshop Action

Author: alexdesenhoPrice: $6

3D Shatter Polygon Dispersion

How about save hours of work and get this beautiful effect in minutes?

Create highly detailed design effects from your photos with no effort at all. Make sure to read the Help File PDF on how to get the most out of this effect. Designed to save you a huge amount of time and work per photo.

Bring your images to life with the dynamic, three-dimensional effect of flying polygonal particles! It’s quick, simple and amazingly effective. Depending on your image, you can select one of four directions of movement: Left, right, up, down.

The action has been tested and working on Photoshop CS4,CS5,CS6,CC+

Photos used in the preview are not included.

How to configure Photoshop to work with actions.

Make sure you are using the English version of Photoshop. Each action has been created and optimized to work only with the English version of Photoshop, so please make sure that you are using this version. If not, don’t worry: you can change the language of your version of Photoshop to English (and switch back again) using this method: https://youtu.be/GJAiu5W2gLE

Use the RGB Mode and 8 Bits color. To check these settings, go to Image-Mode and check the “RGB color” and “8 Bits/Channel”.

Make sure that the option “Add ‘copy’ to Copied Layers and Groups” is turned on. This option applies only to CS5 and later versions of Photoshop. On the “LAYERS” panel, click on the menu icon, go to “Panel Optio”, and check that the “Add ‘copy’ to Copied Layers and Groups” is turned on.

Set the Opacity of brush to 100%. Select the “Brush Tool” and move the opacity slider to 100%.

Each action is thoroughly tested across between 30 – 100 different photos to ensure there are no errors. In the case where you do experience an error, please firstly visit the help page and then contact me via message if you are still having troubles.

The Best Results

For the best results, it is recommended to use high resolution photos in the range of 1500px – 3500px. The optimal range is from 2500px – 3500px. The detail and clarity in the effects generated by the actions reduce the smaller your photo is.


After each action has finished playing, it creates a organised layer structure, labeled, masked and colored. Each layer and folder named appropriately and color coded to create a neat working environment for you.

Time Saving

These Actions are created in a way that both Photoshop beginners and experts can use, saving you lots of time working on both personal or commercial projects.

Share your creativity!

Created something awesome with Mockupspace Actions? Share your designs on the Mockupspace Facebook page (www.facebook.com/mockupspace) inspire others to apply the effects in ways they may not have thought of!

How do I combine actions?

Run the first action on your photo. Once you are happy with the design, save your image out. Now re-open your image and run another action!

You can then use the 2nd actions layer flexibility to further customize the design. You can follow this process and stack effects to build incredibly detailed designs with very little work.

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